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Walk into our Job Connection Center on any weekday and you will see the faces of hope among our clients. Whether it's a single mom studying hard to pass her HiSET exam or a recently unemployed father working on a resume for a job, all of our clients have a story of hope. Our staff provides HiSET preparation courses, job connection services, crisis assistance, and supported employment programs free of charge to people in Acadiana. 

Call 337-769-7650 for more information.


Adult HiSET Preparation

Goodwill offers adult education training sites that provide free HiSET preparation classes to those wishing to earn their high school equivalency credential. Our classes and instruction are:

  • Informal

  • Well-organized

  • Conducted by experienced teachers

  • Hands on and individualized to specific learning needs

  • Completed at an individual's own pace


Employment Services

Goodwill provides free work readiness and placement services to unemployed and under-employed individuals. These services include:

  • Access to computers with high speed internet

  • Access to printers, copiers, and fax machines

  • Access to a Resource Library

  • Resume  and cover letter writing assistance

  • Free Work Readiness computer modules

  • Job Lead Assistance directed to your interests


The following are our job connection locations and hours:

Lafayette, LA

1225 Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Monday - Thursday




Abbeville, LA

2900 Veteran's Memorial Dr.

Call us to make an appointment

Scott, LA

911 Alfred St.

Call us to make an appointment

Opelousas, LA

1308 Creswell Ln.

Call us to make an Appointment

New Iberia

1003 E. Admiral Doyle Dr.

Call us to make an appointment

Carencro, LA

812 Veterans Dr.

Call us to make an appointment


Community Service

Individuals can satisfy their court appointed community service hours in most of  Goodwill's retail stores or donation centers. Clients also receive support and guidance from trained staff to ensure they do not become repeat offenders. 

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Crisis Assistance

Goodwill helps individuals who have experienced a fire, homelessness, or both. Individuals falling into one of these categories can follow these steps for assistance:

1. Receive referral from an outside agency

2. Have case approved by Goodwill's services department

3. Receive a Goodwill gift card that can be used to purchase essential items such as clothing, furniture, and household items.


Supported Employment Program

Goodwill assists individuals with disabilities in finding competitive employment. This allows them to be proud contributing members of society. We continue to work with the individual in an integrated setting with ongoing support services. 

The following intensive and extended employment services are provided Monday through Thursday from 8 am until 5 pm and Friday from 8 am until 1 PM. Each client has a unique working schedule to accommodate their individual needs.

  • Vocation evaluation and assessments

  • Work readiness and computer training

  • Job task analysis and job matching

  • Job placement services

  • Job coaching

  • Consumer advocacy

  • Extended follow-up and ongoing support.

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Sheltered Workshop

A Sheltered Workshop is a work setting that provides a supportive environment where individuals with severe disabilities can acquire job skills and vocational experience.  One of the goals of a Sheltered Workshop is to provide those with disabilities with a meaningful occupation when they may not be able to find employment in other settings.  A meaningful work environment improves quality of life, teaches valuable skills, and promotes independence.  Goodwill strives for the Sheltered Workshop clients to acquire new skills for future advancement opportunities into competitive employment. Our program is offered at our Kaliste Saloom location from 8 am until 1 pm every Thursday.

  • Supporting Environment

  • Staff present at all times

  • Job Coaching

  • Pre-vocational Habilitation

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Goodwill provides and manages independent living facilities for seniors, disabled individuals, and low-income families. We manage 36 properties across 7 parishes and would love to help you or your loved one find a place to call home! For more information, please contact 337-406-8500.

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