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Making a Difference the #GoodwillBirthday Way

Every week we try to bring you stories of people who are making a difference in the community. Today’s story is about Kimberly Monceaux, her family and friends, and the #GoodwillBirthday.

Kimberly wanted to spend her upcoming birthday doing something different and special and decided to put a twist on the recently popular Goodwill Date Challenge idea. A few weeks ago, a couple went viral on social media after sharing their Goodwill date. The concept of the Date Challenge involves couples selecting outfits from Goodwill for each other to wear out on a date, often resulting in outrageous and silly clothing combinations. Kimberly decided to take the Goodwill Date Challenge a step further by incorporating it into her birthday hangout. The idea was to have a group of her family and friends choose outfits for each other then celebrate Kimberly’s birthday as they normally would with dinner and an escape room game. “It’s exactly how I want to spend my birthday: giving back to the community by shopping local and having a great time as well,” said Kimberly before the event.

Kimberly and crew set off to a local Goodwill store where they had fun rummaging through various pieces of clothing to find what they felt were the perfect outfits for each other.

On Saturday, August 26, Kimberly and her crew wore the clothes they picked out and enjoyed dinner and an escape room game (which they won).

Even though some people stared and others nudged their significant other while pointing in the group’s direction, Kimberly and her crew had a blast and never once broke character. The night was so fun and successful for Kimberly and her squad that they plan on making this a birthday tradition.

Kimberly and her team not only had a great time, but by shopping at Goodwill, they helped to provide GED preparation, housing, and job training to the Acadiana community. Thanks Kimberly for using your birthday as a way to give back to the community while having fun!

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