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Knowing Your Potential

James Bordelon always knew he wanted to achieve great things in life and that he was capable of accomplishing his goals. When James was in high school, he was in the resource/special education program. At age 17, he realized that completing high school while in the resource/special education program would only give him a “certificate of achievement.” James knew that this type of certification was typically not accepted by colleges and certain jobs in the workforce. He made the difficult decision to drop out of high school and started working in the oilfield when he turned 18.

For the past three years, James has been doing non-destructive testing, but realized he needed a high school equivalency certificate to advance his career. He found out about Goodwill Acadiana’s free HiSET preparation classes and decided to enroll. James recently passed his HiSET and looks forward to furthering his professional development. Thanks to our wonderful Mission Services team and James’ strong desire to succeed, he can now continue to chase his dreams. Congrats James and best wishes in the future!

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