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Feel Good Friday Spotlight: Kiara Ford's Story

  Kiara Ford and her son Trovocus
Kiara Ford and her son Trovocus

Goodwill Industries of Acadiana's adult HiSET preparation course gives people the second chances they need to improve their lives. Our program not only impacts our clients, but their families as well. This was the case for Kiara Ford who wanted a better life for her and her son Trovocus. Read her story from her own words:

"I'll start my story off with a little bit about myself. My name is Kiara Ford, a 26 year old single mother. I have a son whose name is Trovocus. I quit school back in 2009 in 10th grade, because I started working, and it threw me off track. I wanted the money more then I wanted my education, not knowing that I would need my education more than anything 10 years later. I started struggling to make a way for me and my son. Working a 9-to-5, making $7.25 got hard and stressful. I knew I had to do something in order to provide a better living and future for me and my son. So, I decided to get up and do something about my situation. I went sign up with Ms. Janet’s adult aid [HiSET] classes, and I struggled a little with math, so I had to work a little harder in that area. Ms. Janet worked with me and made sure I was ready before I went into the test. I went in for testing and passed each and every exam my first try. It was a fun experience, and I enjoyed every part of it. I received my HiSET diploma and walked across SLCC stage on May 9, 2019, a day I would never forget!" Kiara's success would not have been possible without our supportive customers and donors. Goodwill is able to provide to the Acadiana community thanks to the donations and purchases from customers. Thank you for continuing to help people like Kiara succeed!

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